Weekly Role Models: Gaspar Yanga

Weekly Role Models Gaspar Yanga

Despite being captured into slavery, Gaspar Yanga knew in his heart that he was more than a slave. For this reason, he could never BE a slave. Because he knew his heritage and place in African society, he refused to allow any other entity to choose his destiny.

Weekly Role Models: Queen Nzinga

Queen Nzinga

Queen Nzinga refused to allow any entity to treat her as less than royalty. In a legendary meeting with the Portuguese governor, Correia de Sousa, Nzinga made a statement that has reverberated throughout the ages.

Weekly Role Models: Richard Allen

Richard Allen

The Ancestor’s Story Richard Allen was born as a slave in 1760, and grew up on a Delaware farm. In 1786, he came across traveling preachers and heard them say that slavery was a mortal sin. He devised a plan to make his master, a fairly religious man, accept this fact and issue him his freedom. […]