What Is Kwanzaa?

"Isn't That Like Black Christmas?"

So you don't celebrate real Christmas?

"I heard it was for cheapskates that want to get out of buying Christmas gifts..."

"That's what the Muslims observe, right?"

"Oh, you're celebrating Kwanzaa? I didn't know you were African!"


The above are just a few of our favorite responses from those that don’t know about Kwanzaa. The last one is our favorite. Let us know in the comments about some of the craziest ones you’ve heard.

Use this awesome infographic to educate the non-conscious–be they brainwashed buddies, amused family members or even yourself. It is time to simplify and debunk the unknown surrounding this culturally-significant holiday once and for all. After reading, let us know if you will be observing Kwanzaa this year!



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