Weekly Role Models: Gaspar Yanga

Weekly Role Models Gaspar Yanga

Despite being captured into slavery, Gaspar Yanga knew in his heart that he was more than a slave. For this reason, he could never BE a slave. Because he knew his heritage and place in African society, he refused to allow any other entity to choose his destiny.

Weekly Role Models: Queen Nzinga

Queen Nzinga

Queen Nzinga refused to allow any entity to treat her as less than royalty. In a legendary meeting with the Portuguese governor, Correia de Sousa, Nzinga made a statement that has reverberated throughout the ages.

Weekly Role Models: Richard Allen

Richard Allen

The Ancestor’s Story Richard Allen was born as a slave in 1760, and grew up on a Delaware farm. In 1786, he came across traveling preachers and heard them say that slavery was a mortal sin. He devised a plan to make his master, a fairly religious man, accept this fact and issue him his freedom. […]

New Series: Weekly Role Models

Weekly Role Models

In our relentless pursuit of Black Progress, we’ve decided to bring you knowledge and consciousness in a special way.

What Is Kwanzaa?

What Is Kwanzaa

“Isn’t That Like Black Christmas?” So you don’t celebrate real Christmas? “I heard it was for cheapskates that want to get out of buying Christmas gifts…” “That’s what the Muslims observe, right?” “Oh, you’re celebrating Kwanzaa? I didn’t know you were African!” “WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA?!” The above are just a few of our […]